Myths about Computer Science

Not For Girls



Computer Science is not for girls

Although the ratio of males to females taking Computer Science is tipped in favour of guys, many girls are taking Computer Science modules as part of a Science, Multimedia, Music Technology, Arts, Psychology or Maths degree at Maynooth University.



Girl Myth



Nerd Myth



Computer Science is only for nerds

People think that only “nerds” are attracted to computing but in reality Computer Science classes are filled with many different people, from your typical “geek” to your everyday guy/girl who is attracted to the subject due to the job prospects or having a general interest.



Only For Nerds






Computer Science is boring

The modules contained in Computer Science are so varied that at least one aspect of Computer Science will spark an interest in most of us. Topics covered include Hardware, Databases, Websites and much more.



CS boring






Computer Science is complicated

Computer Science, while not without its tricky aspects, is absolutely manageable and in no way “too complicated” for your average student coming out of secondary school. Skills necessary to tackle aspects like programming are built up as the course progresses at a feasible rate, giving you plenty of time to head to the Student Union.









Computer Science is just programming

Programming is by no means the only thing taught in Computer Science. In second year of Computer Science and Software Engineering, for example, two modules have a focus on programming, whilst 10 other modules are related to other aspects of Computer Science, from website development to operating systems.



CS Programming






There are no jobs available for a Computer Science graduate

A recent article published on RTÉ’s website stated that Ireland is not producing enough Computer Science graduates. Companies all over Ireland are crying out for graduates in the field of Computer Science including Google, the ESB, Irish gaming middleware giant Havok, InTune Networks and many more. Computer Science simply isn't suffering as bad with the recession as other professions, now is a good time to become a Computer Scientist.



No Job






Computer Science contains loads of difficult maths

When taking Computer Science, depending on what degree you are doing, be it through Science, CSSE etc..., you will do between one and two modules of maths per semester. But fret not, any maths you do need for the course will be taught to you, and only a leaving cert pass level standard is expected of you when you begin.



CS Math